Our Reiki journey began 2007 when Rosalie attended an evening program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital’s Medford Outpatient Center that showcased the alternative therapies that they offer. The short presentation about Reiki and the 10 minute sample treatment she received was enough to impress her with the healing and energetic potential of  Reiki, and stimulate our curiosity enough to attend a Reiki I class. As practicing martial artists, any tool to maximize one’s self healing has always been a very high priority with us, and Reiki seemed to be (even from such a short introduction) an excellent adjunct to all of the healing and strengthening practices we had already incorporated into our lives over, at that point, a 30 year time span.

Everyone experiences the opening up to Reiki (Reiki initiation) in their own way. For us, our lives began to change dramatically. We decided to dedicate ourselves as much as possible to expanding our martial arts practice and teaching, and to continue down the Reiki path to be able to teach and share Reiki with others. We found ourselves going down a more powerful and healing path with our Taiji, Qigong, and Kungfu practice, and we discovered the incredible healing and revitalizing power of Reiki in sharing it with our Reiki masters, friends, and loved ones. Each stage of our learning gave us new insights and experiences to further our dedication to teaching and sharing Reiki, and manifesting our dreams of being Reiki Master Teachers, and expanding our teaching of Taiji, Qigong, and Kungfu.

These two paths have combined in our lives to help us heal and strengthen ourselves, increase our knowledge and personal power, and serve as tools to share with others to help them in their healing and strengthening endeavors.